Album Si-Fi

1. Grandpa

An old man in charge of the ceremony stood in front of the window list. Making money is not enough for life, but you can still live.

2. Problems

The problem comes when it comes to earning more income and it needs to live near the sea. In a good system, will new things be born, or will we live with what we have today?

3. Other animals
This leads to another door. Most things come from the door. However, it does not last long, but it will be about 200 years.

4. This dream
Ask your friend's bookstore or unbearable bookstore to use someone. "I dream of killing my friend tomorrow with the wind. The sand in his pocket shows this dream, so no one should teach you.

5. Why does nobody tell you?
That is not what you wanted to do. Do you choose? “The bookstore and the last band take the fish book out of the bag behind the bookstore.” A nebula spread across the surface flowed through the Sandland Reef.

6. Bat
I like it, and the sky bat is "the day the orange sunset was transferred to the UFO. It was all changed that day, but nothing has changed. You did not know"

lolipop loop lp

Scene 1: Alice fell down
- Dark, silicon chip, soul synthesized with hair of Shetland Sheepdog. Start from scratch.

Scene 2: Machine Factory Dream
- Coding called "love" being produced at the factory. When I cover my skin with it, I recall what my mother was. I could not recognize how excellent the pipeline infrastructure is, so I will search for a mother who went to Disneyland.

Scene 3: Room without window and transparent person
- Fatigue peaks in the situation of only rooms without windows. I will give up on my mother. I also give up on my mother's mother. I thought that I could see myself by going back to the past, but that was not the case. The windowless window was filled with a transparent person.

Scene 4: Sludge> Low quality alcohol
- The image of the future high speed lane is displayed in the exquisite of the monk who is struck by the waterfall. My heart is moved to a blue sky where a flying car fly in a skyscraper. The next moment the one box car full of low quality alcohol burns.

Scene 5: Abandoned shop without a story
I decided to look for something that is not my mother. I do not know anything about what I am not a mother right now. Perhaps it may be early to find out among your favorite things, it may be rooted in childhood experiences. However, I think that if it searches reasonably and finds it soon it will be boring. I would like to look for an excuse to say that there is not such a thing just before the moment of death.

Scene 6: a story with a story
- Stop searching for things that are not mothers. Because it is meaningless. Priority is given to dancing until the limits are reached overnight by chasing the trajectory of glowing powder. Fill the time capsule deep under the ground without enduring the noise of the refrigerator. Collect the countless dark matter that exists in outer space and rescue a sick friend.

Scene 7: What to reduce by asking
- Organizations that can not make a purpose first make knives and forks. I was mistakenly joined in there. The end of the work is not decided. Because there is no deadline. In that sense, you can stop working separately now. Eventually I decided to feed the cricket to observe the cricket. As a result of intelligent foreigners pointed out, I decided to make a movie to make the roof, but I succeeded unexpectedly.

Scene 8: 43 golf balls
- It was obtained by living on the 43rd floor of the Tower Mansion. 43 golf balls. I hide the secret pesticide in the briefcase stood on the side of the stairs. Ask if there is a family register for reception at robot. Robot anger, carefully crush the black lump discharged from the internal combustion engine and flatten it, then continue to observe with unchanging tone.

Scene 9: Landscape of an apartment
- Clearly maintained cycling road which protruded into the sea and reclaimed the sea reflected in the window. Crazy Gingko shakes at night. Middle women wearing dancers who can not sell at the same time, college students, coats that are not similar to watching. The child starts the experiment in the cellar. It says to make a sea anemone based on cards and oxidized pancreas.

Scene 10: pick up shellfish
- The object of a human type which was made of metal and once decorated in the lobby of a luxury hotel stands on the coast without wind whilst leaving a glow. The molten linear coating forms a colorful limestone cave.

Scene 11: Multiply the technology panic

- The great statue supported by people under the technology overcomes the technology panic, is stabbed by a prepared fruit knife, and runs black blood. The bronze statue will not collapse, but the surrounding world turns into a new rule. The flag with the advertising flyer is sprinkled evenly in the gap of 5 cm.

Scene 12: Family RAM
- When believers, unbelievers were saved equally a big dissonance was born, I was born to a couple who received a family Random Access Memory. There was a strong government power and strong government, new government agencies were born one after another. The design of the flag was green and abstract marks were drawn. An airplane for battle is being fired towards a new place.

Scene 13: Unnatural integration of highway
Old town where construction of the building is proceeding. However, the expressway gathers unnaturally. Because money is limited here, it is no longer possible to leave naturalness in nature. The car is divided up and down, left and right, diagonally and heads to the destination. They are good at misunderstanding the cry of a crane car as a laugh.

Scene 14: a woman without a family register
In one corner of the building, an adult woman without a family register was captured and stored in a capsule. They have no family register as a backup of the newly born life, and are preserved without waiting for voice and light. There is a name. Identifier "zjjJH3cHzmpeRcuexPgZDdNF" 26 * 26 * 10 * 24 words including upper and lower case letters. That is the name of a woman without a family register.

Scene 15: To the zoo
- Animals in the zoo are watching me. I am looking at animals watching me. I am also watching animals. Animals may also see me. When the animal was watching me, the animal was only looking at me.

Scene 16: Brooklyn Network
- Seven gentlemen suffering a redundant hat are secret clubs in Brooklyn surrounding the round table and exchanging information about the winning method of gambling. The exchanged information can be converted into gold coins. When writing information in gold coins and returning to gold coins again, the amount of gold coins is decreasing. The value of information weathers with time. Then, where did the value of the decreased amount disappear? Or have not it disappeared? Is direct information scratched like scratched secondhand furniture?

Scene 17: Outside the law
- There was evil being defined in the law, not in the law. It defines all things that are not evil. Permission, approval, acknowledgment, consent, arrest, agreement, decision, best choice. Alice has never cared such a thing. Judge yourself. I am explaining the law in a way that does not take over the law. A respected monk shows a new way around the middle of autumn.

Scene 18: Alice is free
Brooklyn network is no longer necessary. The law is also unnecessary. There is no unnaturalness. Alice can be aware of herself firmly, but I am not. Alice is not in this world. It does not exist forever. However, the feedback loop is constantly increasing, converging and exploding forever.


書かれた唯一の年配の女性は廃止されました、そして、家族は建物の終わりにブロックされました。 彼らは彼らの家を新しい家に報告し、彼らの声を予想外に保っています、そして私には名前があります。 特別な名前を付けてください。 26見て! 26 * 10 *これは、大文字と小文字を含む24ワードを持たない女性の名前です。
これらの50人以上の妊婦は関与していますか? 私は子供と叔母がいます、私は胸にヘッダーを届けました、そして私は電車の中にいます。 これはひどい脅威です。
短命のインドの世界の能力は6.68から9.52 kWh(容量+エネルギー)です。
スリランカの平均価格は6.50〜13.46 kWhです(エネルギーのみ)。



ー信じる者、信じない者が平等に救われた時に大きな不協和音が生まれ、私はファミリー用Random Access Memmoryを受け取った夫婦のもとに生まれた。そこは国の力が強く強大な権力をもって新しい政府機関が次々に生まれていた。旗のデザインは緑が多く、抽象的なほしのマークが描かれていた。戦闘用の飛行機が新しい場所へ向けて発射されるところだ。