You couldn't possibly be any dumber.

It does not exert only as property value as a possession. It acts only in emotion, never in reality because not likely start to what the role, or as is regrettable throw it away to say, is a mysterious mascot, there was a charm, such as a curse. It does not act on the plus. But it does not act on the negative. Physical to take money and time.

I can not wait what you need if you wait. Covet clothes and food. It is the Atonement itself, there was no salvation.

The drive to oblivion was the most is an excellent method, impossible way. Method of runner-up is, to find a new mascot. Those physically and realistic also bring about a positive effect also on the emotional.

It is equal to the obsessed, and still there is no there devoted all. No piece of spirituality of giving to those give, would Sacchan shed all like the wind.

Of course, it ends. suddenly.