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A transparent insect of Takoyaki and ginger grill in the era of elementary school students.

The hot air of the asphalt is transmitted to the water drops attached to the hair on the base of the right foot, and saturated water vapor. Wooden table, wooden sofa, wooden house. There is a crow on the red roof.

Devil in the clouds. A boy behind the woodpecker. The boy thinks he is scared of a boy who looks like a boy in front of him. I do not know the barn or the barn, but the smell of darkness.

The girl wants to finish taking care of the cow and want to drink milk. There is a teacher to see for the first time in the refrigerator, and the glasses are cloudy. I felt that the tears were flowing as many pulses in the pulse of the fingerprint. Then the paint made of the blood of a young man who died for justice could not do an oasis of justice. I was not conscious of sweat, but there were many creatures in the sea, and there was also insanity.

The most felt thing when I met on that occasion of the transition of history is that although there are paintings, sculptures and various media arts as its output, the abstract seven current truths that humans figured out, none of them totally truth It did not reflect, it passed over the street and it was not even aware of that. That war and that technology were so.